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Fearless Salons

& POWER ~with Workshops

Fearless Salon is a place to get to know yourself more deeply.  Using simple communication tools in a safe environment with others, you’ll begin to better understand what you want, what you need, and what you feel, and you can practice letting others know in a safe and respectful way.  Sometimes salons are serious, sometimes they’re playful.  Sometimes they’re both!  Often there are exquisite moments of intimacy that sneak in unexpectedly.  


Fearless Salons are an antidote to numbing out that can happen in daily life and guaranteed to be a change from an evening spent watching TV.  Look for them monthly on the calendar below and email to reserve your spot.

POWER/with: a day of embodiment, play and conversation


Saturday, October 20, 2018

11 AM - 4 PM


Understanding & Navigating the New Landscape of Consent in the post-MeToo Era


~Are you longing for a safe space to talk about and share your feelings and opinions about this hot topic?

~Do you feel unsure how to speak up for yourself around the subject?

~Are you lacking vocabulary to even talk about this?

~Do you want to understand what's going on and what's possible?


Then POWER/with is for you!


In this workshop we will:


~Use simple communication tools that heighten safety for all participants

~Cultivate a non-judgmental atmosphere to understand each other and discover deeper truths

~Practice verbal and non-verbal skills with lightness and humor


Leave this workshop with:


~New skills you can use every day to negotiate positive outcomes

~Better self-confidence and creativity

~Increased kindness toward yourself and others


This is a by-donation workshop.  We suggest a donation of $45-$75 to support this work.  Feel free to bring food to share!

To attend, we appreciate your RSVP at:

Workshop location 4929 Augusta Way, San Jose 95129

Plenty of neighborhood parking

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